New Emoney Licensed in Malta, authorised by the MFSA in 2013.

The new Financial Institution with an extended portfolio owns all the opportunities and permissions in accordance with the European Community.

Our recently constituted Institute relies on a proven decade of experience in management in the world of electronic money, issuance of online current accounts and issuance of rechargeable credit card.

The objective of the Institute is the creation of an extended network to all the European Community countries through partnerships which are already well established in the commercial sector and micropayments.

Our Mission

After about 10 years of experience in the field of payments we have embarked on a complete offer with regard to the world of the monetary system and credit cards which can be topped up online.

Although relatively young, the [email protected] company has provided structures and most importantly a highly qualified staff in your area of interest, able to follow, advise and support all of their customers, after the conclusion of the contract to the legal obligations.

The firm belief in the importance of both the diversification of products, but also in the offer of innovative solutions and to the capacity of all, motivate the choices of your company's business and push it to expand everyday the package of services by searching for new partners and collaborators that they make innovation an essence and exigency in the trade of today. Our mission is to give a contribution to the growth of our corporate partners and to the solution to all problems relating to payments and receipts.